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Roseau Mountain Biking

"The Best Singletrack within a two-hour drive in Northeastern Minnesota"

Roseau Mountain Biking

When Roseau built a river diversion system to protect the city they took all the dirt and over 20 acres of land to create a one of a kind area now known as Mt. roseau!

Mt. Roseau has over 6 miles of both advanced and easy paths which  includes hundreds of flowing turns on groomed singletrack which is mowed, sprayed, and leveled on a regular basis by the local club. The man-made "mountain" is ~60 feet tall, and the trail goes up and down it several times yielding ~250' of elevation per lap.

The most technical features are the switchback climbs and the downhill jump constructed of a recycled wooden front porch from the locals.

The fastest laps are considered to be under 30 minutes to complete!





Monday night bike ride events!

the Local bike riders club meet at Mt. Roseau regularly to enjoy the trails, challenge each other, and share thier enthusiasm for mountian biking.

This group welcomes all ages and all experience levels to join them at 6:30 every Tuesday!


For questions please contact Caroline Allard by email at


To get to Mt. Roseau it is best to park your car at the roseau City park.  From there you can bike or walk across 11th ave. to the north side of the bridge next to the park.  You will see a Mt. Roseau sign and you walk alone the diversion until you come across the biking area.